Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yet Another Reason Why My Woman Rules!

I found out today that my "wife" (We aren't married, but after 17 years she pretty much is my wife) bought me Rainbow Six Vegas 2. She told me over the phone that she bought me something for easter, and that I couldn't go out and buy anything untill after easter. I told her that I had to go buy RSV2, and that I couldn't wait. At that point she pretty much had to tell me that she bought it. She knows I would have bought it tomorrow after work. For the past couple days I had been thinking about buying it, but decided I'd just buy it on Friday. A few blog entries ago I went on about how so many women suck because they nag their husbands about their game playing. Mine goes out and buys me a game that I want. For this and many other things she rules.

I know she'll be reading this soon because earlier she asked me on the phone to send her the link. I'm sure she'll be majorly bored with my blog, so if she is she asked for it.

This may be the first time I've blogged about something that has happened in my every day personal life on this blog. This is not that type of blog, so you won't see entries like this often. Big sigh of relief I'm sure. HaHa


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful, and sweet.

Now go get your fucking shine box.


Robert said...


My guy answer to why I posted this blog entry is "Hey, I drop a nice comment I'll get laid".

Sacrilegium said...

Yeah, but that thing she does with her tongue is the best!

Robert said...

The thing she does with her hand is even better!

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