Monday, March 10, 2008

Will You Still Be Gaming When You're Old And Gray?

I'll be 36 years old in September. I don't feel old. That's because I'm not old. I really do believe the saying "You're Only As Old As You Feel". On some days I feel old physically mostly because my job takes a toll on my body. I do exercise regularly, so I usually feel good, but I do have aches and pains now and then. Mentally I feel really young. I'm young at heart. Maybe that's why I still enjoy gaming. Most people my mother's age look at video games as something kids play. Anyone reading this blog probably knows that's not true. If anything games are geared more towards adults these days.

A while ago I wondered if in 20 years I'd still be gaming. Of course I say yes right now, but people's tastes and hobbies can and do change. 20 years ago I enjoyed skate boarding and did it every day. I can't exactly see myself totally giving gaming up, but after time I figure my mnind and motor skills won't be as sharp as they are right now. I figure I'm average at best when it comes to first person shooters right now. I figure when I'm pushing 60 my reaction time won't be nearly as good as it is right now. I also think that I was better at games in my teens and 20's. Either my skill level has dropped or games have gotten harder. I may just end up being one of those gamers who play a ton of casual games. God forbid! At any rate I'll keep playing as long as I'm having fun. I can see myself playing well into my 70's as long as my eye sight holds up.

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Wingman709 said...

We will still be gaming, but it may just change over to things like cards and shuffleboard. But we will be gamers to the end.

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