Friday, March 21, 2008

Rainbow Six Vegas Is My Type Of Shooter

I started playing RSV2 last night. I forgot just how much I loved the first Rainbow Six Vegas game. A lot of shooters are constantly intense with tons of run and gun moments. RSV is more of a thinking man's shooter. You have to strategize. I also love the fact that I can order my team to do whatever I tell them to do. They may actually be the best AI teammates you could ask for in a shooter. RSV games are definitely my pace as well. I'm pretty much average at FPS games. It just seems like I'm much better at this particular shooter. I'm not a stud or anything, but I seem to be better with this shooter. I'm nailing way more head shots in this game than I do with others.

My above average skills will no doubt change as soon as I play online or online co-op with real living breathing people. This happens to me all the time. I don't deal well with pressure, I guess. There have been a few times where I'll play Halo 3 online and be kicking ass. Then when my friend gets on and wants to play I'll go from doing well to straight up sucking ass. It's gotta be a mental thing for me or something. I need to not think about playing against real people online and just trick myself into somehow believing that I'm playing against AI when I'm playing with friends. I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem, but for some reason I do.


Wingman709 said...

R6V2 is awesome. It does have its share of bugs which sucks since the first game was so polished. But this game is fun to play. I especially love Terrorist Hunt. You can't beat that for a coop good time with your buddies.

Robert said...

This is a fun game. Last night was not so fun, but I was having an off night. It seems like this one may be a tad bit harder. Not that I don't like a challenge.

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