Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Totally Different Games Both Fun For Different Reasons

Today I picked up MLB 08: The Show for the PS3. I played it online with an internet friend (Repro). It was a fun game, but man the pitching was a pain in the royal ass to figure out. I had never played. Needless to say I got smoked. I haven't exactly played a lot of baseball video games, but this one was quite difficult. It's not like the baseball games I've played in the past where pitching is simple and knocking a ball out of the park is easy as can be. I had a hell of a time throwing strikes. I guess I'll just have to practice a lot. The funnest part of the game was getting hit by pitches. It was a riot to watch my player fall to the ground dramatically.

Next up I played Army Of Two for the Xbox 360. I found myself totally immersed in this game. It's totally built around co-op, so I need to play with someone online. I had read that the single player campaign was average, but man I'm having a blast playing it. It's an above average shooter in my opinion. The graphics are really good and the gameplay is great. Sometimes the AI of enemies is retarded. Twice during the game I had an enemy not even know I was there to shoot him in the head. Also during one mission my partner got stuck under a platform. What sucked is that I needed him, so I could flank an enemy that has to be shot in the back to be killed. I had to restart from the last checkpoint. No big deal really, but it was irritating. Another plus is that I ended up with 155 achievement points after a few hours of playing. I'm just hoping that this isn't one of those games I'm going to be able to beat in 6 or 7 hours. I will be playing again though after I finish it because I want to finish this game on co-op.


Repro said...

I think I figured out how to hit a bit better also. Not positive. I think if you have an inside low pitch move the left stick down and to the right, just before swinging, high pitch move it high, etc.

Robert said...

If I can tear myself away from Army Of Two tonight I'm going to practice some pitching. I also need to finish my NHL 08 season and start the playoffs....

Too many damn games!

Anonymous said...

I cant hit for shit. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Wingman709 said...

I am not that impressed with Army of Two. I do think the levels are very well done. They have some cool stuff in this game. But I am struggling with the controls for this game, and the SP AI is horrendous. My AI partner has no clue what cover is so I have to keep bailing him out.

Now I have played this most of this game via coop and its much better. But I still do struggle with the controls. Hopefully that will get better with time.

I will need a partner to play coop on this game in Professional mode if there are any takers. (hint hint).

Anonymous said...

I imploded today diring an online game of the show 2008. First off, there are times it wont let me change pitchers or pinch hit when I want to. Its like I try to go to that screen and it keeps jumping to the next screen. It happened again today. Then the dude bunts and the pitcher takes so fucking long to throw to first, stealing is also way too easy.

Anyway I was so pissed I kept hitting his batters and throwing it down the middle, not fielding, letting him go around the bases. Until he had scored 19 runs in the inning. I played the full game and ruined my stats, not that they were good in the first place but I went from +120 to -100 after that game.
Not that I care much about that. I just hope they have a fix for the bluetooth and that changing pitcher /batter problem.


Robert said...

I really don't have any problems with the controls which for me is strange because it alweays seems like my learning curve is steep for controls. Not to mention when I play one shooter and get used to it it's really hard to jump to another shooter and get the controls down again. I haven't had to bail my partner out all that often. Maybe three times total. He actually ends up bailing me out often. HaHa! I'm up for playing some co-op with you for sure. We'll probably have to do it on a weekend because our schedules are different.

Repro, I had a hard time with MLB 08. It seemed quite difficult to me. I almost wish we would have went with MLB 2K8. I noticed that it did take forever to get my catcher to throw to second base when you would steal. That was annoying. I really wasn't having problems hitting. My problem was pitching.

Anonymous said...

The road to the show is brilliant. I can't stop playing it. Never played like this before. You creat a player and then you are him, trying to make the big leagues. I play only his plays, and I only simulate his non plays. He started off horrible. I got sent down to AA, after his first spring training. I was told I should retire. I kept going as a backup in AA, In 2nd season at AA. Batting around 320 with 3 homers and 27 RBI in about 140 ABS. It's great cause you are plaing from his position. He is 3rd base and then 2b. Sometimes he plays a little OF. I'd rather not choose a first baseman, or catcher or you'd get stuck playing lots of extra plays. They give you things you need to do to get points. Then when you get some points go to the training section and buy workouts for batting, fielding, etc.

My first home run was great, cause I never thought Id get one. I hope I can keep using him once he makes the big leagues. IF he makes it.


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