Wednesday, March 26, 2008

John Cusack Rocks

Last night I decided to watch another movie even though I actually had a great night of gaming. I kicked a bit of ass in the single player campaign for RSV2. Anyway, I decided to download "Martian Child" in HD from the Xbox Live Market Place. I read some critic reviews over at, and most were not favorable reviews. Not that that is ever a determining factor for me, but I read some anyway. Then I decided to read some of the user reviews. Those reviews were mostly favorable. I'll admit that I have not seen every Cusack movie, but the movies I've seen him in I've been mostly impressed with. He's a damn fine actor, and he's coming really close to knocking Johnny Depp out of my top spot. I definitely plan on seeing every movie Cusack has starred in. I loved him in "High Fidelity". "High Fidelity" is in my top five favorite movies. I really enjoyed "Martian Child". I went in not really knowing what to expect of it even though I did watch a trailer. I guess I was even kinda surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I won't even attempt to review it because I suck at movie reviews. It did keep me interested the entire time, so that's saying a lot for someone like me who has a short attention span most of the time. I really enjoyed Cusack's acting. He's always believable no matter what character he's playing. My rating for "Martian Child" is 8.5/10. I recommend seeing this if you like dramas.


Sacrilegium said...

My woman's got the hots for him.

Wingman709 said...

Have you seen the movie called Identity with John Cusack? Awesome movie. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Identity is good. Lots of his early films like Say Anything, Better Off Dead.


One that might get overlooked but rules is The Grifters.


btw I didn't like that martian child movie, though.

Robert said...

Better Off Dead Rules. So many great lines from that movie. One of my favorite comedies ever plus Diane Franklin rules.

1408 wasn't bad. I saw that in the theatre.

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