Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Thoughts Re-Revisited The $5.98 EP

Congrats to Xbox Podcast on their 52nd (unofficial 1 year) episode! I wish I could have been on the show, but I have this thing called a job that gets in the way of having a social life. Anyway I hope to see at least another 52 episodes! Xbox Podcast

I watched Stephen King's The Mist last night. Wow! Just wow! What a great movie. I haven't seen a horror movie this good in at least 10 years. I've been a huge Stephen King fan since the 80's. I've read a lot of his books. He's basically the only fiction writer I read. The ending was definitely a shocker that only King could come up with. Brilliant! If you haven't seen this you really NEED to. It's a must watch movie. On a side note I share a birthday with Stephen King.

I've been listening to a podcast that is NOT gaming related lately. I've been listening to the Stuck In The 80's Podcast. They mostly cover music and movies from the 80's. It's a great podcast if you are stuck in the 80's like I am. Stuck In The 80's

The latest Three Red Lights podcast on IGN was great. They actually interviewed Don King. He's a riot. He's a riot because he's just so damn over the top with his whole spiel of bullshit. It was entertaining to say the least. Three Red Lights

I was looking forward to buying Dark Sector untill I saw the reviews. Now I'm really not so sure I'll be buying this game. Knowing me I will though. Right now I have more than enough games to keep me busy. Not to mention GTA4 is coming out the end of April. I may end up waiting a few months before I pick it up. I'm in no hurry.

Lately I've been in a big movie watching mood. Three nights in a row now I've watched a movie. I generally play video games for about four hours straight, but the past few nights it's been an hour and a half for gaming and then a movie. I might watch I Am Legend tonight. I'm not really expecting to like it all that much though.

Cheers to the three of you who actually read this blog. I got nothin' but love for ya. ;)


Anonymous said...

Well. SK had a different ending in the book. Frank Darabont who also adapted King's books for The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, wrote the screenplay.

When are you doing your podcast? I am thinking on doing a gay porn podcast, myself.


Robert said...

I really need to read the book now. I hate seeing a movie before I read the book.

I still plan on doing a podcast sometime this spring. LOL Good luck with the gay porn podcast. You know I'll be listening. HaHa

Anonymous said...

The Mist is great, it's the first story in Skeleton Crew. A bunch of King stories.


Wingman709 said...

Thanks for the plug and kind words. Hopefully we can get you into the next community show. We had a great time with it.

And yeah, the 80's ruled.

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