Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Top 5 Johnny Depp Performances

If ever there was a guy to have a "bromance" with it would be Johnny Depp. To me he's just oozes cool. He's been my favorite actor for a number of years now. Of all of his films I'm most impressed with "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". In my opinion it's his best work. There are other roles that have come close, but to me this was Depp at his best. It would have been easier for me to do a top 10 which is why I've decided to limit my list to just 5. The following are movies that I think Depp did his best work in order.

1) What's Eating Gilbert Grape
2) Donnie Brasco
3) Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
4) Nick Of Time
5) The Ninth Gate

I think a lot of people would have added one of the pirates movies, but to me it just wasn't that serious of a role for Depp. I did enjoy his work in those movies, but they weren't his best work. I'm also hoping and praying that he never plays a pirate again! ENOUGH ALREADY!


Anonymous said...

My top 5 Depp performances.

Benny & Joon
Edward Scissorhands
Donnie Brasco
Pirates of the Caribbean

I don't even like the Pirates films, but he is brilliant in that role.

He will kick ass in Sin City 2 and 3!


Robert said...

I think my problem is that I just got tired of seeing him as Jack Sparrow. He is definitely brilliant as Jack though no doubt.

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