Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nagging Wives vs Gaming Husbands

I'd like to start out by saying that I'm so glad I have an understanding woman in my life who has no problem with my gaming habit. I know that there is a huge percentage of women who rag and nag on their boyfriends and husbands for spending so much time and money on games. I've read numerous posts on message boards where guys talk about how their wives complain about the time they spend on gaming. I also listen to podcasts where guys send e-mails talking about how much their wives complain that they play video games all the time. These men even ask questions about how they can get their wives into gaming just so they can game without their wives nagging them. Why do women feel the need to give their husbands grief over gaming? If I had to deal with it I can assure you I wouldn't deal with it for long. When will women learn that they can't change us? I'm sure most men were playing video games long before they met their wives. Gaming isn't a phase that we go through. Get used to it wives! While your husband is playing video games why don't you go find something to clean. You could even bake a cake or something. Heck, go get your husband a beer while he plays COD4.


Anonymous said...

They should tell their wives-girlfriends.

"Would you rather me be out at a strip bar, or out with my friends doing who knows what"?


Wingman709 said...

Thankfully my wife does not mind. Of course she would prefer that I was spending the time with her, but she spends that time doing things she enjoys like scrapbooking or watching a tv program that I don't like.

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