Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do I Need To Go Back And Watch The Matrix?

So I'm on my xbox 360 looking at the video market place movies, and I see that they have The Matrix in HD. I've only ever seen this movie once. I saw it in a room full of people who were talking and carrying on, so I couldn't pay attention to it. When I watch a movie there has to be silence or I just can't pay attention to what's going on. I've always meant to go back and watch The Matrix, but just never have. I know this is reguarded as one of the greatest sci-fi movies, but is that just hype? I guess I won't know untill I watch it again. I can honestly say that I don't really remember a single thing about this movie, so it will be like a new movie to me.

With all of this being said I've never even been a big fan of the sci-fi movie genre. I like the original Star Wars trilogy, but I also grew up in the 70's and 80's, and really what people who are in their 30's don't like the Star Wars trilogy? It seems like with some of the sci-fi movies I have seen I was just left bored and wanting something that would really hold my attention.

I do plan on downloading the HD version of The Matrix on the 360. If anything it will be cool just to watch a sci-fi movie in high definition.


Anonymous said...

I own 300-400 DVDs and burns. Prolly 300 are regular DVD and 100 burns. Not sure. I will rebuy some DVDs to blue-ray. It's so much better. All my favorites will be added. I already have 2 versions of Jaws, but that one will be added, Scarface, Almost Famous, Alien, Aliens, Unforgiven, a few others. Plus some action and other visual movies. I think I will get Matrix on Blue-Ray. Just cause I know it will look amazing. I have it on standard DVD. I would never buy part 2 or 3. I like the first one though.


Robert said...

I'm waiting on some older 80's movies to hit blu-ray. Fast Times had better be on the list!

Wingman709 said...

This is a great movie. Worth owning actually.

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