Saturday, March 15, 2008


Woke up today feeling like I needed to barf. I'm happy to report that I did't. This really has nothing to do with video games or robster craws, but then again it does. It explains why I haven't posted any new blog entries. I felt like crap yesterday too. I've had a headache all day despite popping numerous ibuprofen tablets. I did manage to finish ARY OF TWO and play a couple games of NHL 08 though. Feeling crappy or not I gotta play some games. More entries to come when I start feeling like myself again.


Anonymous said...

Drink some prune juice. LOL

I've been playing the show for around 30 hours since thursday. Played a bit of golf and assassins creed, also.


Robert said...

I actually started road to the show yesterday. I amde a dude that kinda looks like me except he's not as ugly. I'm playing first base. It's been pretty easy so far.

Anonymous said...

Playing against the game is not too hard. Playing against others is super hard to score runs.

Pimp Daddy did well. He is 3rd base- 2nd base. He was in marlins org asked to be traded in his first AA year. Got traded to tampa org. Batted 314 first year, then higher 2nd year. Third year got up to AAA where he batted .456 for about 100 ABS. Then got called up to Tampa rays. Started out on bench but he is already starting 3rd base. I will keep playing there and hope he can make the rays into a playoff team some day. LOL

Crack Whore is a pitcher in his first season with AA midland A's organization. He started slow but in his first season is middle reliever era around 3.50. I'm hoping the whore gets to AAA sometime in season 2. One day he will lead the A's to another world championship.


Robert said...

LMAO @ Pimp Daddy and Crack Whore!

I named my player after me...of course. Of course I also played for the Dallas Stars in NHL 08, but then I traded myself to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Road To The Show is kinda fun, but I want to play a full game with me in it. This mode just puts you in situations. It's too much pressure!!! HaHa

Anonymous said...

I just won the AA championship with Crack Whore. He hadn't started a game in months, just got back from being injured. Then they give him a start in the clinching game. He gives up 3 runs i the first then shuts the other team down to go 8 innings and get the win in the final game. He got promoted to AAA to start his second season. At 19 years old he seems close to being called up to the A's. His era is very low in AAA. Not sure if he will be called up in September or early in year 3.


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