Monday, March 3, 2008

Ramblings Of A Gamer

With all of the podcasts I listen to lately I find that there are six that I basically can't live without.
Those five being Xbox Podcast, Video Game Outsiders, Three Red Lights, Podcast Beyond, Game Scoop, and the CAGcast. Three Red Lights, Podcast Beyond, and 
Game Scoop are all IGN podcasts. All are entertaining as hell. My favorite host who is on Game Scoop and Podcast Beyond
Is Greg Miller. The guy is a crack up. He's totally silly, and just a goofball. Hillary Goldstein is funny as well, but in a cocky smart ass way. He kinda reminds me of myself. As far as the CAGcast goes Cheapy D sounds about as professional as you can get. He has a great voice for radio. His sidekick, Wombat is decent. Basically Cheapy D and Wombat are good as a duo.  Xbox Podcast has a really good format. You know what to expect show to show, and Wingman, Brun, and Moroniccow are just super nice guys.

Now on to some podcasts that I think are getting a bit stale. Lately Major Nelson's podcast has been well...rather dull. The OXM podacst hasn't been all that great either. Both need an injection of something. I still listen to both, but I don't rush to DL either.

Some good games come out today. I plan on picking up God Of War: Chains Of Olympus on the PSP as well as Bully: Scholarship Edition for the 360. I may even pick up Army Of Two for the 360 as well. God Of War is getting great reviews. I'm a fan of the series and this is a prequel, so I'm geeked about that. From what I've heard it pushes the PSP farther that it's ever been as far as gameplay and graphics go.

There is a poll over at Cheap Ass Gamer that is broken 360 related. Can't say I'm surprised with the results of the poll. You can check that out at

Just got Planet Earth on blu-ray in the mail today. I've read nothing, but great reviews for it, so I had to buy it. Got it on sale at Amazon plus I still had a 7 bucks left on a gift card that I got on the Old Spice Challenge from Xbox Podcast. Planet Earth is on 4 blu-ray discs and has a running time of 550 minutes. From what I've read about it there are just some mind blowing moments.


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