Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Do Most Movies Seem To Be Below Average These Days?

Like any other American I like a good movie. Movies have always been a huge part of entertainment here in America. My problem is that I'm really not being entertained the way I used to be when it comes to movies. They all just seem uninspired and boring. OK, not all of them, but a lot of them seem that way. Have movies changed or have I? Am I just not watching the good ones? I'm also wondering if it has anything at all to do with my age. In the 80's and even part of the 90's it seemed like a ton of good to great movies were being made. Of course I say the same thing about music, so again is it just me? A lot of the time I also have this been there seen that feeling when I watch a movie. It's like all of the best ideas have already been done. It just seems like it takes a lot for a movie to entertain me now. To be fair every year I do see a few good/great films. Maybe I'm just harder to please now. In the 80's life was fresh and new. I hadn't seen everything. Now maybe I'm just older and wiser. I'm certainly older, but wiser? Probably not. Maybe I just have to do now what I used to have to do to find good metal bands. Maybe I have to dig deep into the underground, and forget about all of the mainstream shit movies that bombard me month after month. I believe that Hollywood is on it's last limping severed and bruised leg. I hope I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

What type of movies do you like?

Not a lot of good movies these days. I agree.


Robert said...

I like any type of movie as long as it's done right. I like comedies, drama, action, and horror movies, but I rarely ever see a decent horror movie these days. I thought The Mist ruled, but it had been years since I had seen a good horror flick before that.

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