Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Who Is This Jessica Chobot Chick Anyway?

After being on vacation all of last week I had a whole bunch of gaming podcasts to catch up on. Anyway I finally got around to listening to IGN's Three Red Lights Podcast. They had a special guest because Nate was gone. That special guest was Jessica Chobot. I'm thinking who in the hell is Jessica Chobot? I was even more interested in finding out who she was when they mentioned that she had made some top 100 hottest women list on IGN. On top of being on this hot list the woman knows her games. A hot gaming chick? Wow, is it possible I thought to myself. The woman even has her own gaming blog, and get this...she even works at IGN! Why is it that I don't know who she is? It's not like I'm a gaming n00b. I know who people in the gaming industry are. Apparently I only know the doofy gaming guys though. I mean a chick like this would have to stand out like a turd in a punchbowl amongst all of the gaming dorks. After doing a small bit of research (that research being Google image search) I have discovered that she is indeed hot! I really can't tell you much more about her. I don't really even care. She's hot and she plays games. What more do I really need to know? Here's her blog Check out the tribute she does to the GTA 4 hooker. BTW in case you're a total idiot and need me to point it out that's her on the toilet.

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Wingman709 said...

What can I say, I just found out about her as well from the same podcast. All I can say is DAMN she is HOT.

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