Thursday, June 12, 2008

Greg Miller FTW!!!

Sometime last year I started listening to as many gaming podcasts as I possibly could. My gaming podcast list has gotten shorter. After a while you realize that some podcasts just aren't as good as others. I basically like getting video game info, but I also need to be entertained. If the hosts of a show aren't well spoken and don't have a personality I'm not wasting my time with their show. After well over a year I have a clear cut winner in my mind as to who is easily the best journalist and podcast host. That person is Greg Miller.

I discovered Greg Miller when I was looking for some new podcasts to listen to. Greg just isn't your average gaming geek with zero personality. The guy is goofy as hell. He's like a middle school class clown really. Greg does two podcasts. He's on IGN's Podcast Beyond which is a Sony podcast, and he's also on IGN's Game Scoop which covers all consoles. I've had the displeasure of having to listen to both podcasts without Greg when he isn't around for whatever reason and they end up being more boring than spending an afternoon with the "Golden Girls". Don't ask me how I know. Just take my word for it. I think the one thing that makes Greg so good is that you can tell that he genuinely loves what he does for a living. He's just seems like that guy that would crack you up for hours on end if you hung out with him. Just listening to him on podcasts has me laughing out loud. I honestly think the guy would do well if he had his own talkshow.

I know I sound like a total Greg Miller fanboy, but...hell I am a Greg Miller fanboy. Greg Miller rules! Check out his blog. You can also listen to Game Scoop and Podcast Beyond over at

BTW SAC, if you're reading this Greg is a big wresting fan.


Check out this hilarious Greg Miller rant.


Sacrilegium said...

He doesn't look that big to me.


Robert said...

Smart ass!!!

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