Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Guess What Game Is Consuming My Gaming Life

Yep, you guessed it. GTA4 is STILL sitting in my 360. I have over 50 hours invested in this game, and I'm still not sick of it. At this point I have to say that GTA4 will make my all time favorite video games list. It's easily top 10 already, and may even be top 5. This is now the standard for "sandbox" games. All other "sandbox" games will have to match the greatness that is GTA4. I don't see that happening. I hope I'm proven wrong. Rockstar just got so many things right this time around. The story is top notch so far. The characters are great. Niko is just a likable guy. Sure he's a murdering bastard kills for the money, but damn it he does have some morals. The only bad thing about a great video game is finishing it. Then what will I have to look forward to? I mean what will be the next game that I can get lost in and have this good of a time playing? There are some games out there that I can see myself having some fun with, but nothing like this game.

The image at the top of this entry is a custom made Niko


Sacrilegium said...

So I guess it grew on you, eh?

Conversation with Lina the other day at Blockbuster:

me: Hey, they have GTA IV!
her: You can't PLAY it
me: I can if we buy a PS3!
her: *scowl*

Looks like my pimp hand needs to be brought out.

Anonymous said...

I need to play it more. Right now there are no jobs for me. The jamaican is out and the other dude. I can only date the chick and hang with my cousin. Do you get to bang that chick and WHERE ARE THE HOOKERS?


Robert said...

Sac, buy a a PS3 or a 360! I know you can afford one! Look at all the crazy shit you buy to decorate your crib!

Repro, I'm banging three different chicks right now. In the game that is. I'm 50+ hours in and I still haven't seen a single hooker.

Anonymous said...

I banged her right after I posted that response. I took her out to a bar. Got her drunk. I drove her to her place, managed to avoid the cops with my drunk driving. LOL. Then slammed that biotch. WOOHOOO!


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