Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Reason Why The 360 Will Win The Current Gen War

First of all I'm throwing Nintendo out of this battle. The Wii has last gen graphics and a ton of shovelware type games. Any gamer knows that it's all about Sony vs Microsoft. Both consoles have their pros and cons. I have both, and I can tell you that neither is perfect. There is one major reason why I think the 360 will win in the long run. That reason is achievements. Achievements are the game within the game. It's the new high score. Back in the day we played video games for high scores. It was always what's your high score in GAME X or GAME Y. Now let me explain what exactly it is that I'm talking about. I interact with a lot of gamers. I read four gaming magazines on a regular basis. I listen to gaming podcasts five days of the week. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard or read about someone saying they were going to buy a game that was on both consoles on the 360 because they could get the achievement points. More often than not people who own both the 360 and the PS3 will buy the game on the 360 just for the achievement points. I am the exact same way. The PS3 could start selling all of their games for 10 dollars cheaper and I would still buy the game on the 360 instead of the PS3 just for the points. The points don't buy you anything. The points don't really mean anything...but wait maybe they do. There is just something satisfying about having more points than your friends. Again, it's like a game inside the game. Microsoft nailed it with achievement points. Sony is supposed to be coming out with a trophy system very soon, but I think it's a case of too little too late. Not to mention I think by the time Sony finally gets it right Microsoft will have already released the Xbox 720.


Wingman709 said...

You got that right. I find it funny how the Sony fanboys will say how stupid achievements are, yet are screaming at Sony to give them their Trophy's. Haha.

It is also interesting how Microsoft is know for copying everyone else, yet this time, Sony is copying Microsoft. I find that ironic.

I agree that both systems are good and have their pros and cons. I would like to get a PS3, but I know I would not play it near as much as my 360. I would only get Sony exclusive games on that system and it would mainly be used for Blu-Ray.

Phil said...

I'm not buying a system just for game points. I went against XBOX for two reasons. #1. I wanted a Blu-Ray player. I got that plus a free gaming system that came along with it. #2 I did not want to take a chance on buying a system that has so many problems.

Other then that, I wouldn't care which one I owned, I'm not Japanese. I'm not pro Jap. We bombed those people to hell. They probably put radiation waves in products they ship to the US. Those FAGGOTS!

Sacrilegium said...

As a very casual gamer, I couldn't see myself caring about achievement points. To me, playing games is more about blowing off steam and watching the story unfold.

Robert said...

Wingman: Sony is so copying Microsoft. Sony didn't have a cross media bar. Now of course they are giving PS3 owners an update with a cross media bar. It's easy to see that Sony didn't have a clue as far as online gaming goes. I mean how in the hell can you not have voice chat for every single game?

Repro: In your case buying a PS3 was the way to go. You watch a lot of movies, and you're a casual gamer. I agree that the 360 has way too many hardware issues, but Microsoft backs up their console with a 3 year warranty. Yes it sucks when it breaks, but Microsoft fixes it for free.

Sac: I never thought I would care about achievements, but for some reason it pulls a lot of people in. I'm not fanatical about them, but it is really cool when you unlock an achievement. It's even more awesome when you get one and you're not even expecting it. It happened to me last night while I was playing Frontlines Fuel Of War. All of a sudden the achievement icon flashed on the screen. I got 50 points in multiplayer for killing 5 people in a row without dying.

Phil said...

What is a cross media bar, and I dont mind Sony copying MS if it makes things more fun.

Still my favorite game I have was the cheapest I bought. Tiger Woods Golf 2007. Great game. I love playing online against others. You do earn online points and rankings for this game. Whats great is you have to beat the game to get the best clubs. It's a lot of work to finish the game. I finished last week. The characters you can create for your golpher are very complex.


I paid $15.00 with shipping brand new on abay. I heard 2008 version is not as good. Im happy with 2007.

Robert said...

Repro: What I meant to say was the PS3 will be getting an IN GAME cross media bar. It's just a user interface. Basically you'll be able to check messages and invite friends to play games without having to exit the game. This is a feature that the 360 has had since launch. The fucked up thing is that Sony created the cross media bar, but didn't implement it for the PS3 as far as an in game cross media bar goes which is just insanely stupid.

Phil said...

Sounds cool. I want to be able to use my bluetooth for all the games, though. That's really the main thing I'd want, over any trophy.

Wingman709 said...

I will probably end up getting a PS3 someday. But right now with three kids, they kind of take all the extra cash I would have anyways so no Blu-Ray and no PS3 for me.

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