Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Initial Thoughts On MGS4

I'm not very far into MGS4 that's why the blog entry is entitled initial thoughts. I'm still on act 1. So far I have some mixed feelings about the game.

1) The graphics are beautiful. A few of the cutscenes have been a bit long, but damn are they sweet looking. There have been a couple of times where I have felt like the cut scenes have taken me out of the action of the game. That's not a good sign because I'm really early in.

2) Anyone who has played any of the MGS games knows what to expect. I have, so I knew I would have to play patient. It's a stealth game. You need to sneak around as much as possible. The developers of the game have said that you can play it as a straight up shooter, as a stealth game, or a mixture of both. So far I'm not so sure that's accurate. I've found myself having to play a mixture of both, but only because while I'm in stealth mode I get spotted, and I'm basically forced to shoot some bastards and then hide again and go into stealth mode. Oh, and about that being patient thing...I'm not a patient gamer. I'm used to run and gun first person shooters. This is not that type of game.

3) You get a ton of weapons and some cool gadgets. It's just too bad that you really don't need a ton of weapons if you're playing this game the way it was meant to be played...in stealth mode.

4) I've died a few times already. I have a feeling the learning curve is kinda steep. I'm not talking about the control scheme. I'm talking about just learning exactly how to avoid enemies and hide from them. It's not like I'm a n00b when it comes to video games. I've played my fair share of games since the 80's. I'm just saying that this isn't just your typical shoot all the bad guys on the screen and move on type of game. Again, the key word is gonna have to be patience.

I think the farther I get through MGS4 the more I'll enjoy it. Once again these are just my initial thoughts. I'll give some more thoughts later on as I progress through the game.

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