Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top 5 Things I Would Add To Make The Xbox 360 Better

1) Downloadable Porn. (It will never happen, but I really think Microsoft would make a ton of cash on downloadable adult movies in hd. Let's put the X in Xbox!)

2) Internet Browser (It would come in handy at times.)

3) The ability to use an external hard drive (You can do this with the Wii and the PS3. Microsoft makes you shell out 180 bucks for a 120 gig hard drive, which I did.)

4) Built in wi-fi without having to buy the wi-fi adaptor for 100 bucks. That's just ridiculous.

5) Make Xbox Live Free (I've heard all of the arguments for and against this. Sony and Nintendo have free online service. I know that Xbox Live is superior to both Sony and Microsoft in the online department, but it wouldn't break Microsoft to make Xbox Live free. I'm not a cheap bastard by any means either. I spend thousands on consoles, games, and downloads.)

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Wingman709 said...

OK, I have to respond to this. Oh man did you open a can of worms. 8-)

1) Downloadable Porn. NO WAY. Leave that crap on your computer. If you really need porn on your big tv, then just throw in a DVD in your Xbox. BAM, Porn on your Xbox.

2) Internet Browser. NO. I don't need my Xbox getting a virus from some idiot on the web. The Xbox has enough hardware related problems that I don't want to add software issues to it as well. Besides, my PC has a browser. I can use that.

3) The ability to use an external hard drive. Ok, thats fine. It would be nice.

4) Built in wi-fi without having to buy the wi-fi adaptor for 100 bucks. Excellent idea. This is a no brainer that Microsoft screwed up on in my opinion.

5) Make Xbox Live Free. NO WAY. I remember the days on the PC and all the idiots that play online. I find a lot less on Xbox Live because if you can't get mommy and daddy to shell out the bucks, you can't play. I like that. Yes there are still idiots, but not near as much. Also the PS3 DOES NOT HAVE AN ONLINE SERVICE. They have a store where you can send them more money from crap you don't need. As for gaming, its the same as the PC. Left to the developers. That is NOT a service. People pay for services which is what Xbox Live is. Now as for the Wii, I don't know what they have as I have not cared to look it up. In my book, that is a Fisher Price console so its not worth my time or effort to read about it.

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