Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top 5 One Hit Wonders Of 1984

This is probably my favorite year ever. The crazy thing is that this is the year my Dad passed away, so maybe it shouldn't be my favorite year ever. It's hard to explain why it was my favorite year. I loved the music and the movies from 1984. I did an insane amount of travelling in 1984. I went from Michigan to Dallas and back. Then I went from Michigan to Niagra Falls and back. Then I went to Sandusky Ohio and back. Then I went to Disneyland in California and back. I did this all by car and van. Anyway on to my top 5 list.

1) Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie (Cheezy as hell, but so catchy. Love it or hate it the chorus will end up stuck in your head for days.)

2) Ollie & Jerry - There's No Stopping Us (For a brief amount of time I liked Break Dancing tunes. I still like some of those old tunes. This one rules. A lot of these songs are about the nostalgia and memories that come back when I hear them.)

3) Nena - 99 Red Balloons (Great pop song. Hairy under arms or not she's hot. The picture above is a recent pic of Nena. She looks hotter now than she did back then.)

4) Laid Back - White Horse (This song rules. My Mom even likes this song. She likes it a lot actually.)

5) Van Stevenson - Modern Day Delilah (I have a feeling that not many people even remember this song. It was one of those songs that I heard on the radio nonstop for about a month. Then the song just dropped off the face of the earth. I like this song a lot.)


Wingman709 said...

How about Take on Me by Ah-Ha. Never heard anything else from them after that classic.

Seems like the 80's had lots of one hit wonders. I wonder if there ever was a time period that had more of those than others or if it happens all the time and I just don't realize it.

Rossa said...

You write very well.

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