Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dallas Stars Advance To Second Round! Duck Season Is Over!!!

I gotta say that coming into the third period with the Ducks up 1-0 I was getting worried that I'd be seeing a game seven on Tuesday, but the Stars rallied and scored four goals to end the series! Who they end up playing in the second round is up in the air. We'll know after the Sharks/Flames series ends. If the Sharks win it will be Stars and Sharks in round 2. The Stars haven't won a first round series since 2003. Finally I have some hope and something to cheer about. Now if only someone can knock the Redwings out in round two.


Anonymous said...

another fucking game 7 :/


Robert said...

I can't even predict who will win the Flames/Sharks series. It's been a really close series.

Anonymous said...

YEH! Here comes the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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