Thursday, April 3, 2008

Addressing My Last Blog Entry & More Random Thoughts

It seems that I opened up a can of worms with my last blog entry for one of my blog readers. A reader that I respect in a major way. I'll just start out by giving some opinions on some of the things he had to say.

1) My downloadable porn idea wasn't all that serious of an idea. I did say it would never happen, and for good reason. It would be way to easy for children to d/l adult movies. Not to mention Xbox already gets enough heat over mature games. On the plus side it would make a ton of money for Microsoft. The adult movie industry is a billion dollar industry. Microsoft would make a bundle of cash just off of guys in college with 360's.

2) I still say an internet browser would be nice. I haven't heard of or read online about a single PS3 getting any type of virus. I've even read about people delibertely
trying to hack into a PS3 with no success.

3) I think paying 400 bucks or more for an Xbox 360 should entitle a 360 owner to be able to have free service. Again, I've never belly ached about having to pay because I make a good living. I'm thinking about the kids and college guys and girls who don't exactly have the money to spare. Not all kids are little jerks. I actually think that grown adults can be way worse than those young kids. More people being able to play on Xbox Live could potentially equal more games being bought to play on Xbox Live.

4) I do have call you out on the Wii being a "Fisher Price console". Not that I'm coming to the defense of the Wii or anything because you know my stance on console fanboys. If ever there was a Fisher Price console it would be the undependable red ringing Xbox 360. Toys break. Good consoles do not. As far as dependability goes we all know that the Wii and the PS3 are head and shoulders above the Xbox 360. While the Wii is definitely NOT for hardcore gamers it is a fun console for a family or party situation. No matter how you look at it Nintendo obviously knows what they are doing because they destroy Microsoft and Sony every month in sales. Not bad for a "Fisher Price Console". I'm just happy to have the best of all three worlds.

5) I'm glad you at least agreed with a couple of things I had to say. Nothing, but total respect for you, Wingman! :)

Now on to random thoughts....

After playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 since it's release I must say that I enjoyed RSV more than this sequel so far. This game has some minor problems. I'm noticing some frame rate issues for one. The game has been a bit frustrating during certain levels. I like a challenge of course, but a few levels have been a bit irritating. One minor complaint of mine is for the points you get for different kills. Why on earth they only give you a +1 for a headshot is beyond me. Overall it's a fun game, but I think I prefer the first Vegas game. With all of that being said I still haven't played online.

MLB 08 The Show is probably the best baseball video game I've ever played. I'm getting better at the hitting part of the game, but I seem to want to swing at every pitch thrown at me. I'm still in spring training, so I'm working on my game.

Super Mario Galaxy has been a fun experience so far. It's that go to game for when I need to relax after blowing the crap out of everyone in a game like RSV2. It's just good platforming fun.


Wingman709 said...

Nothing but respect back at you buddy.

Anonymous said...

I've put in over 100 hours, easy. On my mlb the show. It is the best baseball game I've ever played. I mostly play the show. Once in a while I play online. I need to do more on the regular career mode. They really paid attention to the details.

Hitting, you just use the guess pitch every time and guess location. Also use the left stick as the pitch is coming in aim the stick up down left right or where ever the pitch is heading.


Robert said...

I always use the guess the pitch feature, but I didn't know about the use of the left stick to aim. Thanks for letting me know. At least I can pitch now. My pitching actually wins me games. I started a season a while ago. I'm still in spring training, and getting better. I have no idea how long a 162 game season is going to take, but6 I plan on playing a full season.

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