Monday, April 21, 2008

Metal Gear May Be Solid, But Konami Sure As Hell Isn't

First I'll start out with my Konami rant. For some strange reason the idiots over at Konami didn't expect a mass amount of people would want to be playing the MGS4 Beta. I mean I know that the PS3 is way behind the Wii and 360 in total hardware sales, but Sony has sold millions. Obviously I'm being a smart ass with that last comment, but come on Konami! To play the beta you must sign up over at Konami's website. The problem is that there is so much traffic that you can't sign up. The message boards over there are just full of complaints. Did Konami really not think that thousands of people wouldn't be playing this beta? I don't know just how many beta codes are out there, but it's obviously a lot more than Konami could handle. Konami has released the following statement:

"We would like to thank all players for their keen interest in taking part in the beta test," the statement read. "However, we regret to inform you that due to extraordinary levels of traffic from all around the globe, we have been unable to run the service to the level we expected. As a temporary measure, we will be deferring the start of the US public beta test until we are able to stabilize our server."

The latest update on the beta is that it will start this Friday April 25th at midnight. The good news is that the beta is being extended another five days.


Wingman709 said...

I thought this was for Metal Gear Solid Online and not MGS 4. I thought they were doing some type of MMO for Metal Gear.

Wireless said...

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Robert said...

It's the Metal Gear Online beta. As far as I know it's the beta for the multiplayer portion of MGS4.

Robert said...

Here is the info about Metal Gear Solid Online that I found at IGN...

Metal Gear Solid Online for PlayStation 3 initially is being released as part of the Metal Gear Online Starter Pack, a package included with Metal Gear Solid 4. It is unknown whether the title will also be made available independently.

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