Sunday, April 27, 2008

Could GTA4 Really Be THE Best Game Ever Created?

Hype can build a game up and make everyone buy it. Can you say Halo 3? At this point I'm 99.9% sure that the hype surrounding GTA4 is not hype at all. I've never seen as many perfect scores for a game before release from game reviewers. When this many people give a game a perfect score I'm inclined to believe that it's not hype, but fact. If you own a 360 or a PS3 you should own this game. Even the scores and reviews that aren't perfect are about as close as you can get to perfect. I read through the entire OXM review. After reading it made me even more geeked for it. It sounds like Rockstar has made a perfect game or as perfect as you can possibly get.

Just look at the review scores so far (by the way I really wish I was in the video game reviewing business so that I could be playing this right now)

IGN = 100

IGN UK = 100

1UP = 100

EuroGamer = 100

GameSpy = 100

Official Xbox Magazine UK = 100

Team Xbox = 100

Game Informer = 100

GameDaily = 100

Xbox World 360 Magazine UK = 98

GameTrailers = 98

Computer and Video Games = 95

That's nine perfect scores, two 98's and a 95!!! Wow, just wow! I have my copy pre-ordered. GameStop is doing a midnight sale on the game. I may just have to go get my copy at midnight like I did with Halo 3.


Wingman709 said...

I am looking forward to this game actually. I am surprised because I am not a GTA fan. But it really does sound and look fun.

Sacrilegium said...

It'll probably be another year before I'm playing it haha. But I will get it eventually!

Anonymous said...

Ill try and get it for PS3 tomorrow. Is it out tuesday?


Robert said...

Wing, I hope you get it. It may finally be the game that I play BUTH with.

Sac, go buy an xbox 360 or a PS3!!!

Repro, yes it's out Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Just got it. Will play in a bit. Hope online play is decent topo.


Robert said...

Cool, Repro! Let me/us know what you think. :)

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