Sunday, April 6, 2008

Top 10 Billy Idol Songs

Does this blog entry seem kinda random? I know I mostly talk about video games, but music is a much bigger part of my life or at least it has been for most of my life. Somewhere around 1983 I became a Billy Idol fan. I've seen him live only once, but it was awesome. Faith No More opened up for Billy Idol back in late 1990. Faith No More was awesome as well. The first Billy Idol album I ever owned was the self titled Billy Idol on cassette. I actually ripped off one of those music clubs when I was 11 years old. I sent them a penny. They sent me a bunch of tapes. One of those tapes was that Billy Idol tape. To this day I can still listen to Billy Idol songs and totally enjoy them. Rebel Yell is easily my favorite Billy Idol album. Whenever I listen to it it brings back a huge flood of memories.

Here are my top 10 favorite Billy Idol songs in no particular order.

1) To Be A Lover (Totally underrated, and not his song. It's a cover.)

2) Eyes Without A Face

3) Rebel Yell

4) Blue Highway

5) Flesh For Fantasy

6) Sweet Sixteen

7) Dancing With Myself

8) White Wedding

9) Hot In The City

10) Catch My Fall

Honorable Mention = L.A. Woman (The Doors cover)

His worst hit was easily Cradle Of Love, and even Billy agrees.


Wingman709 said...

I liked Cradle of Love. But I noticed you also missed one of my favorite Idol tunes which is Shock to the System of the Cyberpunk album. Yes, I know it was a crappy album, but I really liked that one song.

Sacrilegium said...

"Dancing With Myself" above "White Wedding?" DIE

Robert said...

Sac, the list says IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Read fool! LOL

Cyberpunk is a forgettable album. I don't think I've ever gotten all the way through it. Shock To The System is a good song on an otherwise bad album. Cradle Of Love is good if I hear it once or twice a year. The song also reminds me of some good times as well.

Sacrilegium said...

Look, I can't be expected to READ!

*hits self with the idiot stick*

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