Friday, April 11, 2008

Like It Or Not Sony Is Making Strides

It took Sony long enough, but I think they are FINALLY starting to catch up. There are so many things that Sony did wrong when they released the PS3. I think they are slowly, but surely starting to catch up with Microsoft. They are making a step in the right direction with the Playstation Store. Finally Sony has gotten off of their ass and are making the Playstation Store part of the PS3 interface instead of having an unorganized web based mess of a store. It's basically like the 360 dashboard without all of the blades.

Sony also dropped the ball right out of the gate by not having the rumble feature included in the six axis controllers. They were even stupid enough to claim that next gen games didn't need rumble and that it really wasn't an important feature. They learned quickly that it was indeed important to gamers. Now you can go out and buy the Dual Shock 3 controller.

I don't think it will be long before Sony realizes that online chat needs to be integrated into the PS3 as well for every game released on the PS3. At the very least Sony should have bundled a USB headset in with every console for the games that you can use voice chat in.

Sony has definitely made some mistakes along the way. What console maker hasn't? The first Xbox 360 fanboy that says Microsoft hasn't will get a Red Ring Of Death declaration or a crappy Xbox Live performance dig from me. The same goes for you Wii fanboys...wait do Wii fanboys really exist? Yes, of course they do, believe it or not. Can you say NO VOICE CHAT at all, Nintendo?

At any rate Sony is making small strides in the console battle. This will probably end up being the year that the PS3 finally outsells the 360. Metal Gear Solid 4 will help that cause. I expect the MGS4 bundle to help PS3 sales in a big way. Speaking of MGS4, I'll be enjoying that beta because I have a beta key. WOOT!

Note: I still love the Xbox 360, but I want to see the PS3 do well. Remember competition is a good thing not a bad thing.


Wingman709 said...

I gotta agree on many of the things you said. I of course can't comment on the PS3 specifics as I don't have one.

I do think the PS3 will sell a lot this year due to GTA IV and MGS 4. Those games will sell consoles just like Halo 3 did for the 360. Oh, and Motostorm 2 looks frikkin amazing. Check out the new Game Informer for screenshots and details.

The PS3 did do a lot of things wrong to start with and I think that if they did not force Blu-Ray on everyone, they would have sold a lot more due to being able to lower the cost a lot. However, now that the format wars are over (thanks to Sony bribing every movie company there is) they will see an increase in sales as well due to people buying them for a Blu-Ray player.

Yes Microsoft has made mistakes with the 360 as well, but they have done a lot right which helps the pains. Still, I wish they would get the hardware working right. I still can't figure out how on both my original Xbox and my 360 I continually get "Dirty Disc" and "Can't read the disc" errors. Even on brand new, just opened games. Come on, give me a friggin break and put in a drive that WORKS please. I don't expect to see the same errors that last gen had on my "Next Gen" console.

Anyways, I am glad that all three companies are doing well. This will keep competition fierce, prices down, and more great games for all of us. So good luck to all three console makers.

Robert said...

Wing, I got those dirty disc errors all thr time on my first 360 from the very beginning. It just kept getting worse and worse untill I finally had to send it out to be fixed. They replaced the dvd drive, and now it works. I haven't had the red ring on either 360 I own though, so that's good.

Owning all three current gen consoles I see flaws and pluses for all three. None of them have a perfect console, but I don't think any company ever will.

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