Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How 'Bout Those Stars...Oh And GTA 4

I'm happy to report that the Dallas Stars are now up 3 games to ZERO over the San Jose Sharks!!! The game winner was scored by an unlikely player 4:37 into overtime. That player was the defensive minded defenseman Mattias Norstrom. The Stars can wrap it up tomorrow night in Dallas with a win. I'm getting my broom ready just in case.
Way to go Stars!

I played GTA 4 last night for a few hours. I only played the single player campaign, so I can't comment on the multiplayer. One of my problems with the GTA series is that I geberally get bored with the story or lack of a story. This time around I'm drawn into the story in a major way. The characters are interesting. The story is interesting. I found myself wanting to keep playing. In the other GTA games I found myself wanting to just screw around and not follow the main missions. Now I'm finding that I want to keep going and follow the story just to see what happens next. I really can't comment much more than that because like I said I've only played a few hours. So far I'm impressed though. Rockstar may have finally created a GTA game that will hold my attention. More to come...


Anonymous said...

Sharks Rangers both down 0-3 :(

I need to play more before I comment.

I missed the strip bar when cousin wanted to go cause I got in a wreck and arrested and he went to hospital. Cousin voice must be played by the same guy who did voice for a character in star wars episode 1. That creature in the pod racing scenes who kind of owned Anaken.

I havnt seen any hookers and I want to get a lapdance at the strip bar.

The bowling was a bit weak. I hope we get to play poker.


Robert said...

I went to the strip club with Roman. It warned me to not enter with weapons. I did anyway. After I got my lap dance the stripper ran out of the room and bouncers shoed up. I beat the bouncers down. All the girls in the club were freaking out. Then I left.

Bowing is definitely lame.

You can do more as you go. Hookers come later.

I have no idea who the voice actors are

Anonymous said...


Where is the fucking blood in this damn game.

I'm finding the controls kind of hard to use at times and the cars slide around way too much. I'm still stuck trying to get the jaimacan his ganja in the first deal with him. After killing the 3 in the back alley when we go to that house one of us dies.


Robert said...

I didn't have any problems with the jamaican dude's first mission. I can't understand a damn word that guy is saying though. So far I haven't really had any problems at all. Though I sure as hell did in the other GTA games. When I went into the house I just went in shooting like a maniac and killed all of those bastards.

When you start out the cars drive like shit because they are cheap ass cars. As you progress you get cars that handle better. At least that's what I've read in reviews.

Anonymous said...

I got past that mission. Stopped playing after. Jamaican dude is my favorite character so far. Cracks me up. I understand most of what he's saying, but not all. It's not easy. Hot boxing in thecar. Smoke pouring out from the ganja, other dude doing cocaine in the car, cracking me up.

Took the subway to that other mission. Easiest mission ever. Stealing that car.

It says it's good to explore on foot to find lots of shit, but I haven't really done that yet. Some of the radio ads rule.


Anonymous said...

I took roman to the strip club. Just keep the guns insde. On the third lapdance another chick joined in ad they were simulating fucking each other. "need a tissue baby" LOL

Cost a ton of cash but just dont save game after.


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