Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Top 5 One Hit Wonders Of 1985

1) Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen (Great song. Not really much to it as far as depth musically, but the message was loud and clear. Too many damn kids died over in Vietnam.)

2) Autograph - Turn Up The Radio (This single made me go out and buy "Sign In Please" on cassette. I loved this song back then. Hey, I was only 13 years old. Now I have a burn of "Sign In Please" that I never listen to. I do still turn up the radio when I hear this song on the radio.)

3) Mary Jane Girls - In My House (There's just something awesome about women singing about wanting to have sex. HaHa! It's especially awesome when you're 13 and a virgin like I was in 1985.)

4) The Firm - Radioactive (Not a huge hit or anything, but it did peak at number 28 on Billboard's Top 40. I own the self titled album that this song was released on on vinyl. Not a bad "supergroup", but I expected more. I think most people did.)

5) Harold Faltermeyer - Axl F (Back in the day I thought this was a great instrumental. It beats the Miami Vice instrumental. These days I couldn't care less about Axl F, but 1985 wasn't a very good year for one hit wonders.)


Anonymous said...

The Firm had some cool tunes.

Page is still GOD


Robert said...

Page does indeed rule!

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