Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy & Dallas Stars Hockey

So far I gotta say that Super Mario Galaxy is a really fun experience on the Wii. Nintendo hit a homerun with this game. The Wii remote works flawlessly with SMG. I'm finding that it's a nice break from first person shooters. This is a must buy for any Wii owner. I have the feeling that anybody who owns a Wii already owns SMG though. Super Mario 3 is my favorite Mario game for sure, but so far galaxy comes really close to the greatness that is Super Mario 3.

Tonight the Dallas Stars once again owned the Ducks. The final score was 5-2! The Stars have now outscored the Ducks 9-2 over two games. The Stars have more than impressed me so far. It looks like my Stars are for real. Game 3 is Tuesday in Big D.

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