Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Video Games Are Not Just For Kids Anymore

When will people learn that video games are not just for children anymore? Normal people who are clueless about video games have no idea that the most common age range of people who play games is 18-35.
It's generally people who are 40 or older who see video games as a waste of time. I'm not saying everyone over 40, but for the most part it is older folks who see video games as mindless things that only children play.

It's these same out of touch people who want to blame the actions of our youth on video games. I've been and there and done that. When I was a kid it was the PMRC blaming that evil heavy metal music on the terrible behavior of teens. A teen commits suicide. It must have been that AC/DC "Highway To Hell album the parents found on their kid's record player. 
Things haven't changed much since those days, and it's pathetic.
When will parents realize that video games, music, movies, or whatever the hell else they want to blame isn't the reason why kids do the things they do? I'm guessing it's just easier to blame a video game over their own bad parenting skills.

These days it's not that easy for kids to buy M rated games. Are some stores selling these games to minors? I'm sure they are. There are fines that stores have to pay if they sell M rated games to minors. I've also seen news stories about employess getting fired for selling such games. I'd be willing to bet a stack of cash that most of these games are being bought by the parents for their children though. This just goes back to parents being clueless about video games. ESRB ratings are on the box the game came in for a reason. I'm all for the ratings. Most kids under 11 probably can't handle an M rated game. 
This helps parents understand just what their kids will be playing if they purchase the game. With the way most american families are these days parents are so busy that they don't make the time to see just what the hell their kids are up to. The ESRB rates games to help parents out. 
Now if I was a kid I'm sure my opinion would be different. 
BTW we won't even get into what games I let my daughter play.
Though I also believe that some kids are far more mature than others.

I'm basically just tired of hearing about how bad games are, and how much of a waste of time they are. Adults and kids could be doing much worse things with their time.

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