Monday, February 11, 2008

Podcast Spotlight

I listen to several video game related podcasts.
At first I was only listening to Xbox 360 related podcasts.
Obviously I only owned a 360 (as far as next gen consoles go anyway)
so I wanted to keep up with everything that related to the 360.
Now I find myself listening to podcasts that talk about all of
the current consoles. One of the very first podcasts I started
listening to was the Xbox Podcast.

The thing that I liked right away about the Xbox Podcast was
the fact that the three hosts, Mark AKA Wingman709, Kyle AKA Moroniccow, 
and Brun AKA BJSwick33 were all just regular gaming guys like me.
They don't talk like a bunch of annoying jerks like I have heard
on a couple of podcasts. These are just regular personable guys who
love playing Xbox 360 games.

They generally have a weekly podcast which is persistently good.
They actually take feedback from the community.
You can tell that they actually care about their listeners. They even 
play games with the community on Xbox Live weely. They have named
this gaming night "Beat Up The Hosts". I personally have not played a single game
with them on these nights, but that's usually because I get out of work a bit later
on the nights that they are playing. They also answer a lot of listener
mail towards the end of the show.

After listening to almost all of the Xbox Podcast shows I also love how they
have a few ongoing jokes. Basically what happens is when one host can't make
the show the other two hosts will talk some smack about the other host and
even talk about how the host who is gone has said that he promised
to buy the listeners a game or other assorted prizes. It's all in
good fun of course.

The show continues to get better week after week.
I'm still a big fan of the podcast. Basically my week would seem weird
if I didn't have an Xbox Podcast show to listen to.
If you haven't heard the show do yourself a favor and check them out.

Xbox Podcast


Wingman709 said...

Hey there. Thanks so much for the very kind review. I am glad that you enjoy the show and we do care about our audiance. Our goal is to have fun and learn about whats new in the Wonderful World of the Xbox.

We will hopefully have our audio and video comments option setup again soon so we can take audio and video comments from our listeners and put them in the show like we have in the past.

And yeah, you need to show up to a Beat up the Host match sometime. haha.

Thanks again, see ya online.

Robert said...

I think one thing that holds me back from playing with you guys is that I'm average at best when it comes to FPS games. I love those those kind of games, but in a team setting I seem to fold under the pressure. Haha The last thing I want is to be the person who brings the team down. A friend of mine says I'm not as bad as I think I am, but he's probably just being nice.

Anyway, yeah you guys know I love the podcast. I'll be a listener for as long as you put a podcast out. Hopefully that will be a long time.


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