Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Certain Types Of Video Game Elements I Hate

As much as I love playing video games there are certain types of game play that I 
absolutely hate. I have a feeling I'll get some people to agree with me on at least a few
of these things.

1) Under no circumstances do I enjoy a game where I have a set amount of time to
accomplish a task. It's just too much pressure. I don't deal well with pressure. It's
bad enough that I have to save a hostage in a FPS while enemies are furiously trying
to kill me. I don't need this plus a time limit.

2) Do not make me protect someone. I hate escort missions. I totally hate them.
I do not want to have to protect a stupid AI character in a game. I hated the escort mission in
Bioshock towards the end and I hated it GRAW as well. If there absolutely has to be an escort mission I at least want that character to wield a gun and be decent with it.

3) If I'm playing a shooter I damn well better be able to shoot my gun with a button. Don't make me use an analog stick. It's assinine. I refuse to play any type of shooter that makes me use the stick to fire my gun.

4) I also have zero patience for games that have puzzles that are so hard to figure out that I need to get online to look at a stradegy guide. Tomb Raider games I'm looking directly at you.
Some of the puzzle solving in these games are just ridiculously hard. I've actually gotten headaches over playing Tomb Raider.

5) I also can't deal with an unresponsive game. If I push the button that makes my character jump or shoot or whatever that character better damn well respond to my button commands. Tomb Raider I am once again looking directly at you.

There are probably a few more I could come up with, but these are the ones that
really piss me off. All in all I love video games, but I could do without the crap that I just listed.

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