Sunday, February 10, 2008

Console Fanboys = Losers

I have no idea why people choose to defend the Xbox 360 or the PS3 as if they owned Microsoft or Sony. Fanboys will defend their console like a person would defend their mother. Go to any gaming message board and you'll see a bunch of idiot fanboys bad mouthing the PS3 or the 360.
The flame wars get heated. Mothers are brought into it. Death threats are talked about.
It's just a console, you morons.

The most common things said by 360 fanboys are "THE PS3 DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ANY GAMES"! This is false. 
The PS3 has plenty of games, and even has some exclusives. 
Obviously the 360 has more games. DUH!
The 360 has a 1 year head start on Sony. It makes sense that the 360 has more games.

The most common thing a PS3 fanboy says about
DOWN VIA THE RED RING"! The thing is that is true. Well, at least 35% true.
The 360 has a 35% failure rate.
Chalk one up for the PS3 fanboys, I guess. In my opinion the 360 console really is junk. 
It's been proven. 
It's costing Microsoft a BILLION dollars to fix all 
of these defective consoles.
That's a billion with a b in case you thought you read
one million. That's unacceptable. 
Did you know that the acceptable failure rate for any appliance is 5%?
360 owners are getting pissed about having to send in their 360's. 
I could let this go if you sent it in and never had another problem,
but people get their 360's back only to have it red ring AGAIN...and even AGAIN!
I had to send mine after almost a year of owning it because of a bad dvd drive.
I have the ring of death to look forward to....maybe.
I was so addicted to my 360 that I went out and bought another one just so I wouldn't be
without mine while it was shipped to Texas.

I know it sounds as if I'm ragging on the 360. Well, I guess I am.
I have the right after sinking a ton of money into the 360.
I have bought well over 40 games for this system.
I'm also going on my second Xbox Live Gold membership now.
If it wasn't for how many great games the 360 has I would never even bother with this console. 

I've only had my PS3 for a couple days now. I'm sure I will find drawbacks. No console I have ever owned has been without it's flaws. Don't even get me started on blowing into NES cartridges. Thus far though the PS3 has been impressive. It's whipsper quiet and plays Blu-Ray discs that just look beautiful. The PS3 exclusive games are getting great reviews as well. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is just incredibly fun.

Pluses for the 360 = Great games and great online service even if you have to pay for it.

Pluses for the PS3 = Consoles that don't break down. Blu-ray!

Minuses for the 360 = Terrible failure rate. Online isn't free.

Minuses for the PS3 = Needs more games. Online may be free, but needs a lot of work.

Only time will tell which console wins this war. I have my own predictions. I can easily see the 360 limping behind with all of it's red rings problems while the PS3 motors ahead with Blu-Ray movies and great games. Keep in mind that I am not a fanboy for either console. I just call it like I see it. I still say the PS3 will have the last laugh which will force Microsoft to release the Xbox 720. Let's just hope Microsoft learned their lesson the first time around. No more red rings, PLEASE!

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