Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Dark Side

After playing nothing but Xbox 360 games for a year I turned to the dark side and bought a PS3 today. THE HORROR! I'm not one to be caught up in the whole console war fanboy crap.
The bottom line is that I'm a gamer. When I hear about PS3 exclusive games being really good I want to play those games. If a game is awesome I don't care what console I play it on. All consoles have their pros and cons. I'll still be spending the bulk of my gaming on the 360. When the same game comes out on both consoles I'll be buying the 360 version for the achievement points. The major plus for the PS3 is Blu-Ray dvds. At this point in time Blu-Ray has pretty much won the war.

Gaming rules, and I want the best of both worlds. I don't see myself picking up a Wii very soon, but one day I probably will.


Wingman709 said...

I see nothing wrong with getting a PS3 or Wii. I am the same way. I am a gamer. I will play on a PS3, Xbox 360, PC, whatever. Its all about the games. I have an Xbox 360 and I love it. But I have no issues with the Sony console. If it was cheaper, I would probably get one myself.

Robert said...

I just had to have one because of the reviews I had been reading on PS3 exclusives like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. It's a really fun game. The 360 will be my main console for sure. You just can't dispute the fact that the 360 has a ton of great games.

I'm pretty sure I'll do more blu-ray movie watching than gaming on the PS3, but I will be picking up the PS3 exclusives.

It's still all about ACHIEVEMENT POINTS, BABY!

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