Monday, February 25, 2008

Resident Evil Trilogy On Blu-Ray

I picked this up about a week ago. I finally got around to watching the first film
in the trilogy last night. Quite impressive. When it was first released I really didn't think
much of it. I didn't even think I'd remember much about it because if I remember right I wasn't
paying much attention to it the first time around. It just didn't seem to hold my interest. After watching it last night it definitely held my interest. I think my tastes may have changed a bit since then. Not that 2002 was a long time ago, but for some reason I was way more into it this time than I was last time.

I decided to watch it in the dark with my headphones on. My gaming set up with my HD TV is in the basement. I think that helped set the mood. I even jumped a few times. The first time I jumped I actually giggled about it. I'm not the scary movie jumping type. Generally nothing gets me to jump. The combination of being in the dark and having headphones on may have contributed to why I was jumpy. 

Thus far I've gotta give thumbs up to the PS3 as a blu-ray player. I've watched three different blu-ray movies now and all of them have looked really nice. Resident Evil was a great experience on blu-ray. It looked beautiful and the sound was great as well. I'll be watching the second RE soon. I'd also like to mention that it upscales regular dvds nicely as well.

My overall score for the first RE on blu-ray is a solid 8/10


Anonymous said...

I HATE RE 2 and 3. The first one is ok. I have it on regular DVD.

Wingman709 said...

I have enjoyed all the RE movies. Just watched the third one a bit ago and really enjoyed it.

I have been thinking about picking up a PS3 when my tax refund comes in, but it would be for Blu-Ray only pretty much.

I think I will just invest some money instead and pay off some bills. That would serve me better, but I am thinking about it.

Robert said...

I saw RE 3 in the theatre. I liked it a lot for some reason.

Wing, 400 bucks for a blu-ray player is a decent price. You can get some good deals on blu-ray dvds online at amazon and
You could even gamefly a few PS3 exclusive games.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget deepdiscountdvd. They are the best for dvds. just had a sale of blueray movies for $11.99. I picked up a couple.

Robert said...

I check out deepdiscount as well. I looked there when I was looking to buy Planet Earth on blu-ray, but got it cheaper at Amazon.

I gotta chill out on buying blu-ray movies. There are some video games coming out in the next few weeks that I'm buying.

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