Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2007 = Best Year For Gamers

With 2007 over and done with I guess it's time to make a top 10 list for best Xbox 360 games for last year. Me and a friend were just talking about all of the consoles we have owned since childhood. I edged him out by one console. I've owned 11 consoles in my 35 years on this planet. I've owned more games by far for the 360. I've never bought more games for one console. I've also never bought this many games in a year. I bought well over 40 games this year for the 360. Of course it helps that I'm now an adult who can afford to buy games. This is exactly why I keep saying that gaming is a hobby for adults. Kids can't afford to buy games, and most parents won't shell out the cash to buy tons of games for their kids. Anyway, I'm rambling now, so i'll get on with my list...

These are the games that I personally had the most fun playing. I do have a clear cut number one game. Generally when I make a top ten list they aren't in order of greatness. I just throw 10 things on the list in random order. It's nearly impossible for me to put things in order of greatness, but I can usually give you a clear cut number one. If you continue to read this blog get used to seeing various top 10 lists on all kinds of different subject matter.

Assassins Creed
Mass Effect
NHL 08
Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Halo 3
Forza 2
Blue Dragon
The Orange Box

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