Saturday, February 16, 2008

PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 For First Time

A while ago I made the prediction that eventually the PS3 would start outselling the 360. It has happened earlier than I thought it would. It's only one month, but it's a start for Sony. What are the reasons behind this? Maybe Xbox 360 owners are fed up with the dreaded "Three Red Lights". Maybe 360 owners also want a PS3. Maybe a lot of people waited for a price drop on the Sony and went out and bought the 40 GB sku for $399.00. Maybe people found out that HD DVD is dead and that Blu-Ray has won the war. I actually think that could be the real reason. 
I expect even more sales of the PS3 this month. Sony didn't exactly destroy Microsoft in January, but they did beat them by 39,000 consoles last month according to the NPD numbers.

The downside for Sony is that they only had one game in the top ten as far as NPD sales figures go. That game is COD4. Microsoft only had 4 titles in the top ten. Nintendo had three Wii games and two for the DS. Nintendo continues to kick ass. 
Who would have predicted that Nintendo would be outselling both Microsoft and Sony?
I sure wouldn't have.


Category / Total / Change
Video Games: $1.18 billion -6%
Video Games Hardware: $378 million -25%
Video Games Software: $550 million +11%
Video Game Accessories: $191 million -4%
Total Sales Per Week: $295 million +18%

Hardware Sales (in units sold)
Wii: 274,000
PlayStation 3: 269,000
Nintendo DS: 251,000
PlayStation Portable: 230,000
Xbox 360: 230,000

Game Software (in units sold)
1) Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat (360, Activision) - 331,000
2) Wii Play with Wii Remote (Wii, Nintendo) - 298,000
3) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Wii, Activision) - 240,000
4) Rock Band (Xbox 360, MTV Games) - 184,000
5) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Xbox 360, Activision) - 183,000
6) Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, Nintendo) - 172,000
7) Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360, EA) - 144,000
8) Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat (PS3, Activision) - 140,000
9) Mario Party DS (DS, Nintendo) - 139,000
10) Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS, Sega) - 133,000

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Wingman709 said...

But can it keep up once retailers get more supplies of Xbox 360's in stock? It will be interesting to see.

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