Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Thoughts & Peeves

I listen to a bunch of podcasts that are gaming related. One word that is pronounced wrong
all of the time is "Supposedly". For some reason people are pronouncing it like this "supposeBly". There is no "b" in "supposedly". Sorry, but little things like this irritate me.

Another thing that I've noticed with some podcasts lately is that when hosts talk for a long
amount of time they get this dry mouth smacking thing going on that just sounds disgusting. Take a drink already!

While I'm bitching about things I don't like about some podcasts I might as well add another podcast peeve of mine. Stop derailing your podcast to talk about other things that have absolutely nothing to do with gaming topics. If I'm listening to a gaming podcast I want to hear about gaming not tv shows or various other garbage. I think it would perfectly acceptable if you have a section of your show where you talk about other things which I'm all for, but don't go off topic when you should be talking games.

Game developers it's time for me to bitch about you now. Is it really necessary to release a sub-par FPS? If you can't make a shooter that's on par with COD4, Halo 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, or GRAW2 then why bother? Don't make us FPS fans waste our time and money on your weak attempts to simply cash in on a popular gaming genre. I'm tired of it, and I know FPS fans are tired of it as well. 
Black Site Area 51 anyone?

Console Fanboys: Stop being console fanboys! It's old. It's tired. It's lame. Get over it already.
The PS3 has pro and cons. The Xbox 360 has pro and cons. The Wii...well the Wii is the Wii.

Anyone else glad the high definition dvd war is finally over? I know I am. Blu-ray wins and I couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't hoping blu-ray would win. I didn't care. I just wanted one of the formats to win out. I can honestly say that I did predict a year ago that blu-ray would win. Yep, I was right...for once.

The game DAXTER came with my PSP Slim. Man is that game pissing me off. Remember a few blog posts ago when I bitched about certain gaming elements? Well this game contains the time limit and pain in the ass control elements in one level. Of course I'll probably suffer through this level untill I beat it.

Now some comments and thoughts about games I'm playing right now....

NHL 08: Easily the best EA NHL game yet. I've played every EA NHL game there is. This one is tops.

Resistance: Fall Of Man: So mediocre it isn't funny. It's also kinda hard. I've played a ton of shooters. Afterall it is my favorite genra, and I own the "Shooter Console" where I'm used to playing top notch shooters. Resistance is NOT a top notch shooter. It's average at best.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction : This is a really fun platformer. I honestly haven't played a platformer that is this fun in a long time. I'm enjoying it.

Devil May Cry 4: It's not bad in small chunks. I play a level and then move on to another game. It's all about combos and button mashing. Really nice looking game. It doesn't hold my attention for long periods of time. I'm fine with that though.

Burnout Paradise: Great game! I bought this on day one and I'm still playing it. Road Rage mode is a blast and my favorite part of the game.

Manhunt 2: I loved Manhunt on the PS2. I picked this up for the PSP and it's more of the same which is fine by me.


Anonymous said...

San Dimas High School Football RULES!

Robert said...

Nah, not really.

Wingman709 said...

Hmmm, I hope you were not referring to us in regards to podcasts. I think we stay on topic pretty well. I sure hope so.

As for Burnout Paradise, HECK YEAH it rules. That game is awesome. I got my Burnout License yesterday. Only a few more achievements to go for the full 1,000.

This might be the first retail game that I get the full 1,000 without it being an easy or crappy game like King Kong. Well, Fight Night Round 3 actually was not to bad. So I would say that was legit. But TMNT and King Kong were horrible.

Robert said...

No no no not at all Wingman. I definitely wasn't talking about Xbox Podcast. You guys pretty much always stick to an outline it seems. I really can't remember any serious derailment on your podcast. I really have no complaints with Xbox Podcast at all. :)

I still have a bunch of achievements to go in Burnout, but I'm basically playing it like a pick up and play when I have time to play game. I have my A license. I still have like 30 events to finish before I get the Burnout license.

Fight Night Round 3 was/is a really fun game. I didn't even bother getting all 1000 achievements with TMNT.

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