Friday, February 8, 2008

Game Demos

Downloadable game demos are a blessing and a curse. I find that a lot of the time I just can't stand playing a demo off of Xbox Live. They give you a small taste of a game that is soon to be released. In some cases the game is out before the demo. A bad demo can put a bad taste in your mouth. 
Sometimes the demo ends up being nothing like the game. Demos can save you money. If you play the demo and don't like it you probably won't buy the game. The problem with this is that sometimes a demo can be very misleading. The demo for FORZA 2 was crap. I ended up buying the game anyway because I own the racing wheel. It ended up being a fun game that I'm glad I bought. The demo for BURNOUT PARADISE was very limited. You just couldn't do all that much. I ended up buying that game as well, and I'm glad I did because it is serious fun. In a lot of cases demos just aren't anything like the game. I just played the TUROK demo, and let me tell you that based on what I played I will NOT buy this game. It was total suckage to the maximum.

With all of that being said it sure would have been nice back in the day to have demos, so that
we wouldn't have gotten burned on games. At least now you can get some sort of idea what to expect from games after playing the demo.

BTW Probably the best demo I've ever played was the Bioshock demo. Great demo. Great game.

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