Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Games That Get Hyped

Ever buy a game based on tons of great reviews? Ever read a ton of great reviews for a game,
and then go out and buy the game and wonder why so many people think it's great while you really don't? There is a PSP game called PATAPON that inspired me to write this blog entry. Well before I even played the demo I had been reading nothing but praise for this game. I played the demo expecting a really good game. Instead I got a demo that was really repetitive and well kinda boring.
It's basically a memory rhythm
game. You have to hit the same botton combination over and over again. 
There are different button combinations that you have to remember to get your little dudes on the screen to march and 
kill. That's pretty much it. I just don't understand what all the rage is about. Am I missing something? Apparently the game lasts for quite a while too. Greg Miller, one of the hosts on
Podcast Beyond said he had played for 17 plus hours. I like Greg Miller a lot, but I don't get his hyping of Patapon. I realize their are different tastes in games, but holy shit this game is getting some seriously good reviews. Right now at gamerankings.com Patapon has an 87.5%. Maybe it's the 20 dollar price tag? I really have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Yeh mostly role playing games and games that are hard to use the controller with.

Wingman709 said...

Yeah, I know a game like that. Its called DIRT. What a waste of time and a huge steaming pile of crap. Everyone seems to love it but I hated it.

Robert said...

I couldn't stand Dirt either. Glad I rented it. It was so boring. The cars felt floaty as well. I only rented it to play with the racing wheel.

Once upon a time I liked RPGs a lot. I still like certain types, but mostly I get bored playing them.

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