Thursday, February 14, 2008

Badasses In Hollywood A Thing Of The Past?

Remember the good old days when we had badasses like Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Charles Bronson making testosterone fueled movies in Hollywood? I sure as hell do. Those were the days when men were men. Who the hell do we have these days to take the part of these badasses from the 70's and 80's?
I can really only come up with one name, and it took me a long ass time to come up with one name.
That name is Jason Statham. If you've ever seen the movie CRANK then you know who I'm talking about. Now, don't get me wrong here this guy isn't in the same league as Sly or Dirty Harry. He's really the only badass I could name. He's in that same mold. Time will tell what becomes of Jason Statham.

Long before the new RAMBO movie was released I felt that genuine tough guy action movies were sorely missing from theatres. A lot of critics bashed RAMBO. Critics are foolish twats. What do they know? They sure as hell don't know a great blood & guts movie when they see one. Two of the best movies I've seen in the span of just over a year are ROCKY BALBOA and RAMBO. 
I'm tired of seeing all of these limp wristed movies being pushed out and rehashed by Hollywood. 
Damn it, I want more tough guy movies. I want movies with real men doing insane things.
I want men who blow shit up and say cool catch phrases. I want to see guys like Clint Easwood blow the bad guys away and then silently walk away with a scowl on their face. What the hell happened to these movies? I know there's still an audience for movies like this, but who the hell are they going to get to play the role? I'm sorry, but Jackie Chan just doesn't cut it. Are the true badasses dead and gone?

Sly Stallone deserves a round of applause. The guy is almost 62 years old and tough as nails. He knows what America wants. America wants a movie with violence and bloodshed just like the good old days. God bless you, Sly! You still rule all these years later. To all of the critics who ragged this movie I say go watch a chick flick and then go lay down and take a nap you little Nancy boys. The rest of us men will go watch all of the Rocky movies and laugh at your wimpy asses.


Wingman709 said...

I agree. Jason Statham is awesome. I think he is the current action star and same as you I can't really think of anyone else making action flicks in the likes of Rambo, Missing in Action, etc. I do love those big time action movies.

Now one might say that Jason Bourne is an action movie but let me stop you because ITS NOT! Yeah it may have some action in the movie, but that is more drama than anything. Give me Stallone, Norris, Eastwood, VanDamme, and Segal any day.

Robert said...

I know that we aren't alone in wanting more action movies with real men playing the role. Any guy in their 30's and 40's grew up watching action movies.

I can't get into the Bourne movies. I've tried, but they just don't hold my attention.

I was a big fan of Segal. His early movies rule.

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