Friday, August 1, 2008

The Hardcore Come Out At Night

I do most of my gaming at night/early morning hours. I work second shift so I'm usually up all night/morning. I've changed my sleeping schedule. I was waking up at 2:00 pm. Now I'm getting up around noon. Getting up earlier gives me some time to kill. What better way to kill time than to jump on my Xbox 360 and play some games?
I've mostly been playing COD4. Playing COD4 during the day vs at night is night and day. During the day I don't get my ass handed to me nearly as often as I do at night. It's a whole different world playing games during the day. I actually play a hell of a lot better during the day. That's obviously because all of the hardcore diehard shooter fans are playing at night/morning. There are times when I'm playing at night where it's just hard for me to believe just how damn good some people are. It gets frustrating! The funny thing is that the first time I played COD4 during the day I had myself believing that I was getting really damn good. My bubble was then bursted during the night hours when I would repeatedly get my ass kicked. Needless to say I now try to play during the day as mush as possible. I do still play at night no matter how bad I get owned.

80's Song Of The Day. I bought this on a 45 7" single back in the day.

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Wingman709 said...

I played COD 4 a week or two ago for the first time in months. It was brutal. I am going to claim the night time affect for that. I like that. Yeah, it was not me, I was playing against the hardcore gamers. yeah, thats it. haha.

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