Monday, August 11, 2008

Old Horror Movies Rule The World

Years ago I was a huge fan of horror movies. These days I rarely see a horror movie that does anything for me. I think the last horror movie that I really enjoyed was Stephen King's The Mist. Before that it was The Blair Witch Project. The ending of both of these films really did it for me. In the 70's and the 80's it seems like there were just so many good/great horror films. There were just so many good horror movies before that abomination called "Scream".

Below is a list of some horror movies that I consider classics.

The Exorcist
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
When A Stranger Calls
The Amityville Horror
Hard Candy
The Blair Witch Project
The Thing
The Mist
An American Werewolf In London
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Last House On The Left
The Thing
The Fly

Nothing Beats The Texas Chainsaw Massacre except for MAYBE The Exorcist.

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Phil said...

There are some great foreign language horror films.

My favs being Audition, and Haute Tension (aka High Tension),

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