Monday, August 4, 2008

The Worst Part About Summer

Sunburns definitely suck, but I don't get sunburns because I bathe in sunblock. Sunburns make the list. I have no idea how people can hang out at the beach all the time. That's definitely not my thing. I don't care for the heat either. High temps make the list as well. For me the worst part about summer is bugs. My place of employment is pretty much surrounded by a forest. Obviously I see a lot of bugs. I've seen some bugs that I have absolutely no idea what the hell they are. Flies are irritating. Mosquitos are little blood sucking bastards. Bees and hornets make me do crazy dances trying to avoid them so I don't get stung. Just while walking outside at work some type of bug will fly into me. Right now my bug problem is huge hornets that fly around on the front lawn. I'm talking these things are fucking mamoth! In my mind if one stings me I'm headed for the grave. I've never seen hornets this big.
From what I can tell they have a nest underground. When I walk by the front law they buzz my head, but never try to land on me, so that's good, but still! Management already knows about these hornets spawned by satan, but won't get rid of them because "they won't sting you". Uh...yeah ok then. I swear if one stings me I'll tie someone from management up and stick them on the front lawn. The worst part about summer is definitely bugs!

This is probably my favorite 80's commercial.


Phil said...

I hate summer. I hate warm, or hot weather, more people are out in warm weather. I hate all them, too. I hate bright light. Give me Winter, darkness, clouds, and great doom metal.

Robert said...

Hell yes! \m/

Fall and winter rule.

Wingman709 said...

Hahaha. Dude, you crack me up. I actually was laughing at your post today. Hahaha. Thanks, I needed the laugh.

Robert said...

HaHa I'm glad my irritation of bugs gets a laugh. :)

Today I actually watched one of those crazy big hornets digging a tunnel. I then went and grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured it down the hole. He flew out quicker than shit. That's one point for me!

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