Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Best Kool-Aid Flavor Ever!

Growing up my mom basically never let me drink Kool-Aid. It wan't untill I was about 12 that I started drinking it. My mom figured I'd climb the walls from all of the sugar that you have to add to it. I don't really think I was a hyper child at all. Heh, maybe that's why I wasn't. For my Kool-Aid fixes I'd have to go to friends houses. I could also go to my Aunt and Uncle's house where they would always have lime flavored Kool-Aid which at one point was my favorite flavor.

The bad part about this blog entry is that the flavor which reigns supreme is no longer available. Kool-Aid does this often. They make an awesome flavor only to yank it off the shelves. It's like Kool-Aid is on some kind of power trip or something. Would it kill them to make 60 or so varieties? OK, I believe it's time to finally unveil my favorite flavor even though I'm pretty sure you can see what it is by the image I'm putting up at the top of this entry. The incredble Kool-Aid flavor that is hands down the best flavor ever is MOUNTAIN BERRY PUNCH! Man,this was great stuff! I remember chugging this stuff at the park after uh...I'll just say getting cotton mouth. Kool-Aid really needs to bring this flavor back! I'm dying for some Mountain Berry Punch goodness, damn it!


Wingman709 said...

I don't remember the name, but it was a Pineapple Orange flavor and I loved it. They stopped making it the jerks.

Sacrilegium said...

Some smaller company used to make Root Beer flavored Kool-Aid stuff. Mmmmmmmm. That shit was awesome.

Robert said...

Wing, I used to drink that Pineapple Orange flvor at work all the time. It was damn good.

Sac, Flavor Aid makes that root beer flavor knock off Kool-Aid. I've never tried it. I just looked and people are selling it on ebay. I couldn't find any Mountain Berry Punch on Ebay though. DRATS!

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