Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Games Were Harder

I must have forgotten just how difficult a lot of the 8-bit games were back in the day. My memory of just how hard they were came back after playing BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED. I'm not saying all of those 8-bit games were hard, but a lot of them were. Newer games played at normal or medium difficulty don't have a thing on those old 8-bit games. With most shooters and action games these days you get a ton of save points and regenerating health where you can hide somewhere away from danger untill your health goes back up. Back in the day you only got so many lives and a health bar. Checkpoints were few and far between! If you died you generally had to go back and do a whole lot of things that you already did. I'm thinking it should be mandatory for young gamers to go back and play games like Bionic Commando just so they can see that they aren't as hardcore as they may think they are. Bionic Commando Rearmed is a difficult game when played on the medium setting. It actually reminded just how easy newer games are to finish. This game is obviously a remake, but it totally captures that old school feel. It may take me a while to finish this.

Hardest Video Game Boss Ever? Probably!


Phil said...

Most games that you have to beat, have always been hard for me. I really can't name any I consider easy. That I've ever played. Some are much harder than others, though. I haven't finished many games. LOL

Sony PS and PS3 games Ive finished.

RE1, RE2, First Tomb Raider, Resistance Fall Of Man, Tiger Woods 07 Completed 100% to get the best clubs and stuff.

Old games, I don;['t remember which ones I finished. Some you never finished, the levels just kept going up.

Robert said...

I just remember getting irritated a lot with a bunch of games from back in the day. Some of them pissed me off so much that I wouldn't bother finishing them.

Phil said...

Now if you get pissed you can always find cheat codes. LOL

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