Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Netflix, Geometry Wars Evolved 2, Braid

At E3 we learned that Netflix will be streaming movies to our Xbox 360 consoles. At first I thought this was a good idea. Now I'm thinking it's an ok idea. I was kinda geeked about it at first. Now I'm just kinda like whatever. My reason for not being too excited about it is because the movies will be streamed in standard definition. The Xbox 360 is known for being an HD experience. My games are in HD. This was the entire reason why I bought and HDTV. When I DL movies from Xbox Live I ALWAYS DL HD movies. I've heard people say that in the future Netflix will probably offer HD movies, but does anyone really know for sure? Even if they do I'm sure the cost for HD memberships will go up. On a side note I also think that being able to watch the same movie as someone on your friends list is a useless feature. For me it will be anyway. You'll be able to watch the same movie off of Netflix and talk to that friend on your headset. To me that's assinine. Who in the hell talks during a movie? Well, besides annoying assholes at a movie theatre or my 13 year old daughter? I want to scream when someone talks during a movie. I sure as hell don't want my friend talking to me on a headset when I'm trying to watch a movie. Dumb idea!

I picked up Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. Holy crap is this game addictive! It's basically an old school type of space shooter with really nice HD graphics. It's that and so much more. I had never played the first Geometry Wars, and wasn't interested mostly because I hate games where you use one stick to move and the other to shoot. I want a button to shoot, damn it! This game has changed my mind though. It's stick shooting done right. It just feels right. I also love that there are differentr game modes that offer some really great gameplay. The modes really mix things up. The bottom line is if you own an Xbox 360 you really need to spend the 800 Microsoft points on this game.

Braid is a new game that you can DL on Xbox Live. Braid is a game that looks awesome! The screenshots that I saw look really really nice. It's getting some really good reviews. I have heard it's on the short side. I don't mind short games as long as they are really good. I do however mind spending 15 bucks on an XBLA game. This will be the one thing that will hold me back from buying Braid. I'd spend 10 bucks on it, but 15 just seems a bit steep. Look, I'm not some penny pincher. I spend a ton of cash on games. I'm basically letting Micrsoft know with my dollar that I'm not willing to pay over 10 bucks for a game on XBLA. If people start paying these prices on XBLA games it won't be long before all games are 15 to 20 bucks.

Worst Video Game Ever Created?


Phil said...

I can download any ,ovie out on DVD, and some that are not. I don't really need to pay for movies. I used netflix for a few months, a few years ago. I was getting the movies burning them to DVDRs and sending the movies back the samr day. I was getting 6 to 9 movies a week. Then they started delaying shipping on me. Which is what I heard they were doing to other people. So I cancelled.

Now a days I just download. I wont buy regular DVDs anymore. Unless its concert dvds that are not on bluray. I will buy bluray dvds but only selected films. Unless the prices are cheap. I also read the DVD bluray review before I buy, because some bluray are not much better than regular dvd. Depends on the transfer and the original.

I use the DVDTALK forum, which rules.

Type the movie name in the search box and select bluray review.

Robert said...

These days I really only want to watch movies in HD. I guess I'm a picky bastard now.

Our movie store rents blu-ray now, so that's a plus.

I'll save DVDTALK to my favorites. Thanks for the tip.

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