Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seriously Nintendo?

Nintendo leaves me scratching my head yet again. Does the world really need a Hell's Kitchen video game? Let me just state that I am a fan of the "Hell's Kitchen" tv reality show, but I have no desire to ever play a video game based on the show. The people from Ubisoft and Nintendo who are behind this abomination should be locked in a room with a pissed off Gordon Ramsay while he screams at them for hours on end.

The Nintendo Wii is such a joke at this point. With all of the shovelware Nintendo keeps pushing out uninformed Wii owners are buying crap games by the truckload. The Wii doesn't have the attach rate that the Xbox 360 does, but they aren't far off with 5.3 games sold per Nintendo Wii. The 360 has an attach rate of 7.5 games as of April of this year according to Joystiq.

Here's the attach rate rundown...

Xbox 360: Software sales ratio: 7.5
Wii: Software sales ratio: 5.3
PS3: Software sales ratio: 4.6
DS: Software sales ratio: 4.7
PSP: Software sales ratio: 4.2

Keep in mind that those are U.S. figures.

Megamania! I love this old Atari 2600 commercial. Man, the stuff you can find on youtube.


Wingman709 said...

Nintendo is retarded. What else can I say.

Robert said...

They are extremely retarded! Sure they've sold a ton of Wii's, but in the end you need good games to play on your console.

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