Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Most Hated NHL Player Could Become My Favorite

There is one player in the NHL that I really can't stand. I can even say I hate the guy. This player is Sean Avery. Today the Dallas Stars have announced that they have signed Sean Avery to a four year contract for $15.5 million dollars. I've only ever watched him play for other teams, and against my Dallas Stars. Avery is a pest. His antics drive me up a wall. I know Devils fans hate the guy. Martin Brodeur wouldn't even shake his hand after the Rangers defeated the Devils in the playoffs this past season.

I love a pest...let me rephrase that. I love a pest who plays for the Dallas Stars. Steve Ott happens to be one of my favorite players. He's a pest. He plays for the Stars. I have this feeling that Avery could become a favorite of mine as well. Wow! Did I just type that? Avery is a major pest, but he also works hard and gives 100% every shift. He's gritty. He's mean. He'll fight. He'll get in those tough areas to score a goal. He'll stand up for his team mates. He'll get under your skin. He's entertaining to watch IF HE'S ON YOUR TEAM. Call me fickle, but I love the guy already!

The bottom line for me is that if he can be a piece to the puzzle that lands the Stars another Stanley Cup I'll go from hating him to being his biggest fan.


Phil said...

Now that you have him, you will worship him. Maybe not. If the A's had gotten Barry Bonds I would have vomited...... Every day until he was off the team.

Robert said...

I can see myself liking him in a Stars jersey. I'll at least be able to laugh while he's pissing off other teams and getting under their skin. The fucked up thing is that I was telling my wife just a while ago during the playoffs that if he ever became a Star I'd puke.

bjswick said...

My Jackets are getting rid of some of the fan favorites. I guess it won't be so bad if we make the playoffs.

Robert said...

Every season it kinda stinks that you have to say goodbye to players that you enjoy watching. I'm not happy that Hagman is leaving Dallas, but that's the way it is.

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