Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Hold Steady Rock

I've been posting at Lapland Metal, a metal message board since the summer of July 2001. Last year I made a thread asking the forum members to suggest some non metal bands that I might enjoy. I got a lot of replies. Most of the bands that were posted didn't do much for me. I ended up checking out every band that I could find in that thread on youtube. The band that really did it for me was a band called The Hold Steady. The song that was suggested was 'Hot Soft Light'. From the very beginning of this song I was hooked. In the very beginning of the song you hear a rockin' guitar. Then you hear a voice like no other. Craig Finn's vocals are weird, unique, and kinda nerdy, but sound so cool. The lyrics to pretty much every song they create is unorthodox, but memorable. This band also creates some of the most memorable melodies you'll ever hear.

For years now I really haven't heard many rock bands that I like. I'll hear a song once in a while that will grab my ear for a minute or two, but usually has no staying power. A few years back I got to a point where I just felt like I had heard it all before. That goes for Metal, rock, and pop music. I just got so sick of bands going through the motions. After checking out all three studio albums from The Hold Steady it gave me hope that there may finally be some bands out there worth checking out. After a year of listening to all of their albums many many times I'm still not tired of them. This is rare for me. They are easily my favorite nowadays rock band.

Their new album is entitled 'Stay Positive'. I will be BUYING it for sure. I can finally give my money to a newer band that truly deserves it.

Off of the 'Boys And Girls In America' album this is the song entitled 'Hot Soft Light'. This was THE song that got me hooked. I don't expect anyone who reads this blog to really dig them at all, but at least check em out.

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