Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I'm Addicted To Lately

Call Of Duty 4 - This is easily the best online multiplayer shooter ever. I'm also happy that there are no achievements in multiplayer mode. I'm happy because I don't have to listen to morons wanting to "boost" in the lobby asking everyone if they can shoot them in the head or whatever to get achievements. I'm not against "boosting" as long as people do it with their friends.

NHL 08 - I've already played a full NHL season a while ago and won the cup, so now I'm doing a world tournament mode. I'm using Team USA of course, but I'm sure to get my ass kicked by Canada if I get that far.

I'm totally addicted to watching my nephew race his stock car every weekend. It's even more fun now because I buy a pit pass. Watching drivers fight is hilarious.

Diet Vanilla Pepsi - Man this stuff is great. I've been drinking it on and off since it was released. So good!

Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream! HEAVENLY!

I'm also addicted to my 30 minute high intensity walks five days a week. I feel guilty when I skip a day.

Watch Phil Hartman act like a retard in this old Atari 2600 commercial.


Phil said...

Sunnyside Farms EXTREME Moosetracks!, own. Just bought some a half hour ago.

I hate any pepsi except diet cherry pepsi. I am partial to diet coke.

I will have to get COD4, even the PS3 version is still selling at a high rate for a used game. I'll wait till prolly late august before buying that game. If I decide to.

I just started playing NBA2K8. Got for 20 off ebay brand new. It's hard but graphics are great and my blutooth actually works for online play.

Robert said...

Moose Tracks may be the best ice cream flavor ever. It's at least in the top 5. I have an idea for a blog entry now...

I generally don't like cola at all. After years of drinking it I'm sick of all of it, but add some vanilla and I'm all about it.

If you like shooters at all you'll love COD4.

I'm not into baskeball, but I would probably dig some video game basketball.

Wingman709 said...

My favorite ice cream is one that is very hard to find but is known as Heavenly Hash.

COD4 is a great game but man I suck at it now that I have not played in so long.

Robert said...

Wing, you have no idea what suck is. I suck at COD4! I've seen your stats, and they bury mine. I think the only stat of mine that is better than yours is accuracy, big whoop! I'm positive you'd hand my ass to me if we played against each other. I've never ven won a match. I've come in second or third several times, but never first.

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